We are two brothers. One lives in L.A, one lives in London.

We've been making music together all of our lives, but now we've decided to go public with it.

Our first album has been a labour of love.

About the album

The Castell Brothers is the eponymous debut album from sibling act David and Charles Castell. Following on from their own solo and band releases not to mention a life time playing together - The Castell Brothers finally combine artistic forces to release their first full length digital album chock full of beautiful songs, driving alt rock-pop, haunting lo-fi melody and vocal harmonies topped off by pristine production that is certain to rouse the heart and prickle the backs of many a neck.

This is an album where a fantastic brotherly connection generates a work full of great classic heartfelt song-writing. It is a knowingly organic, melodic mix full of brotherly harmonies with an 'alt' sensibility think Finn brothers fused with Damien Rice. The album was engineered / co-produced by Kev Poree (Radiohead, Charlotte Gordon Cumming) in London, and mastered by Ron Boustead (Prince, Rolling Stones, Seal, Kiss, R.E.M., Johnny Cash, Aerosmith, Beck) in L.A.

Written over 5 years and recorded in a variety of different locations, The Castell Brothers takes the listener on a journey through driving indie rock (Black Dog, In Your Arms, Picture Of Innocence) beautiful string-backed orchestral odysseys (Charcoal, 43 Steps, Nicole), classic radio friendly pop (Naive Heart, Fly Away, Sunny Shores), and piano-filled heart-rending love ballads (Valentine, You Think My Love Has Gone Away, Words (Don't Mean Anything)). Everything is glued lovingly together by impassioned vocals and keen lyricism, and the brothers' love of a great song that transcends scene.

The Castell Brothers are David 'Dave' Castell and Charles 'Chas' Castell, originally from Essex, England, now based in London and L.A. respectively.

The Castell Brothers eponymous debut album, plus a shorter EP, and album of Instrumentals is available in July from all major digital retailers worldwide, including iTunes.


The Castell Brothers album OUT NOW.

The Castell Brothers - The Castell Brothers (album)

The Castell Brothers Instrumentals album OUT NOW.

The Castell Brothers - Instrumentals

The Castell Brothers EP OUT NOW.

The Castell Brothers - EP